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It is an album where you can save and automatically organise all your kids best moments so they can enjoy them easily some day. You can also create an album for you, if you want, and keep your own best moments always safe and organised.
In a Kuicco album you can store their best photos, drawings, anecdotes and funniest ramblings and, soon, all their videos too.
You just have to press the "New moment" button” icono nuevo momento Kuicco , attach the photo or video(soon) you want to save, checking that the date we detect is the right one, describe the moment and asign this moment to one of your albums. Easy!
Simply click on one of your albums to see its moments organised year by year.
Press on the "Kuicco Guest Group" button icono nuevo momento Kuicco and then press “New guest”. All that´s left is to choose how you want to invite them and choose the role they will play on your album.
Easy. Just press on the "Kuicco Guest Group" button icono nuevo momento Kuicco and change the role for each guest. These will change automatically without your guests having to do anything.
Here icono nuevo momento Kuicco You will be able to save a picture of his/her face every month to see how much they change while growing up. The app will remind you every month to take a new one.
On the Gallery screen icono nuevo momento Kuicco you will see the albums of every year and, soon, print them to receive them at home easily and comfortably.
Of course. You just need to log in with your account on the website ( to start uploading the photos stored in your PC or hard drive. You can also upload photos from a pendrive, CD or DVD..

Of course. We use top of the line security measures and our Privacy Policy ensures that the files you upload to Kuicco will always be yours, and only be accessible by those chosen by you.
We will delete all your files from our servers 2 months after the cancelation of your account. During that time you can reactivate your account sending an email to
Redeeming your code is very easy:
  • On the website: log in and go to “my account”.
  • On the app: tap on the menu button and go to “my account”.

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