Traveling with children to Provence, France

Hello! This summer I made a beautiful trip and I was dying to tell you everything about it. The french provence is an ideal place to spend a family holiday, with activities for all tastes and audiences. Let’s go!

The flight

Traveling to Provence is very simple. The besti thing to do is to take a flight to Marseille Provence Airport, or MP2. Skyscanner is a good option to find cheap flights. If you want to know how to find cheap flights easily, check out this article from Stag Kiss Budapest.

From the airport there is a service of Navettes (line buses) and also a fantastic trains service, which will always be cheaper than taking a taxi. But if you choose this option, you can find them when leaving the airport.

Aix en Provence

Where do I stay?

Provence offers many (and all good) choices. As for which city to choose as base of operations, we chose Aix en Provence. Aix is ​​a relatively small town but full of charm. The center of the city is wonderful. It is formed by narrow alleys, usually pedestrian, that run at the foot of old buildings that could well be the decoration of a film. All this decorated with an endless number of small and picturesque restaurants that offer a wide range of culinary choices at almost any time of day.

Of course, as far as accommodation is concerned, as always, I recommend that you to discover the native life from one of the many options of local accommodation offered by Airbnb.

Discovering Provence

The city of Aix itself offers many options to explore with your children, its parks and gardens, walks through the historic center, street markets, etc., but believe me, it will come the time to take the car and start discovering the Provence.

If you travel with children, forget about public transport. Rent a car (do not forget the children’s chairs), open Google Maps and get ready to explore the wonders that the southeast of France offers you.

Cassis, Provence

To the beach!

I highly recommend two beaches: Cassis and Saint-Tropez.

Cassis. Ideal for spending a day with children. A good option is to spend the morning to soak on the beach, eat in one of the fantastic restaurants of the port (or take a portable fridge and have a picnic) and, when you are tired of sun and sand, take a nice boat ride by the famous Calanques de Cassis.

Saint-Tropez. Although it may seem very exclusive, you can spend an unforgettable day culminating with the setting sun in the bay of Saint-Tropez without spending a single euro. There are several beaches in Saint-Tropez. The most famous is Pampelonne but, in my case, I opted for the “Bouillabaisse beach“. Small, handy, with unbeatable views of the bay (and the dozens of giant yachts that inhabit it), and with the tranquility of those beaches where you can go many meters and the water does not reach you above the navel. When you go with children, this is very interesting.

Activities for them

When traveling with children can not miss in your itinerary plans dedicated to your enjoyment and rejoicing. I propose several:

Montopoto and the Village of the Automates. About 20 minutes drive from Aix en Provence you will find these two small amusement parks. Believe me, if your children are between the ages of 3 and 10, you will go and repeat. If you want to know more, here is the link to your website.

Zoo of the Barben. Half an hour from Aix you will find this wonder of zoo with a great variety of species. If you do not miss the reptile area and the bird show in flight. Seeing a vulture sitting a span of your 6 year old daughter impresses a little, but the photo is one of my favorite albums on Kuicco (I do not show it to you because, as you know, in Kuicco we are dedicated to avoiding the photos of The children circulate freely on the Internet, so …).

Splash World. If your children like adrenaline, this amusement park will make them sleep like never before.

Carrieres de Lumiere, Provence

Activities for you that your children will love

Not everything will be amusement parks and zoos, you also have to make room for a little culture.

Carrières de Lumières. An old quarries remodeled and transformed into a macro cinema where they project animations of paintings by famous painters. The feeling of seeing you wrapped in a picture is impressive. If you go to Provence, it’s something you can not miss.

Now it’s your turn!

Logically there is much more to see. If you decide to spend a few days in Provence with your family, do not forget to write everything down and then tell us about it. But above all, make sure to take Kuicco with you in your phone. You will surely take some unforgettable photos and videos.