How to prevent Alzheimer’s and senile dementia with Kuicco

So far we are used to seeing Kuicco as an application to be “chroniclers” of the lives of our children but may also have other utilities. Among them help combat Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

To begin with, it must be said that although advertised as an application for children, anyone can create their album by birth date and start to save their photos from that time, even if the previous years are empty. You can always add, little by little, the photos you have stored on your computer or ask a parent to go up which is sure to happen.

For couples it is also very interesting. I myself created an album with my wife and he set it as the birth date on the wedding day. This used it for our travel photos, celebrations etc. So, by the way, I do not feel the day of our anniversary.


Alzheimer's old people


However, the most promising utility I can see is the prevention of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in older people with early memory impairment. As you know, unfortunately, there is no drug that prevents these disorders, but the knowledge of their physiological bases, has helped to discover ways to prevent it, among which one of the stars is to exercise the mind.

The idea is to make a Kuicco album of our family member’s life. It will be enough to put a few photos in a few years. It is preferable that they be photos in which he or she sees with relatives and with their clear names and the relationship they have with them.

The application is very easy to use, can be used on any touch screen and can remember the names of all relatives and the good times spent together, although it is better to do with them and comment. It will serve to review his biography as another photo album but several children can collaborate to elaborate it and review it with him or her and go remembering situations, weddings, Christmas meals etc.


I guess it all happens to us that there comes a time when you do not know what to talk to them about. A Kuicco album is very useful for talking and they love to talk about their life and their family. This activity is important to improve and help maintain your facial recognition ability.

Here I leave a link to the web of the application in case you want to take a look:

Go to Kuicco website

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